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Wearing compression tights and pants for recovery

We all know that compression tights and pant are great for wearing during any form of exercise like running, crossfit, gym workout, yoga and other types of physical exercise.

While most people would take their compression tights off and throw it into the laundry straight after their workout, a significant number of athletes actually prefer to continue wearing their compression tights for hours, if not days, after a strenuous workout session to assist with recovery.

We have been told by champion marathon runners from the US, UK and Australia that compression tights are wonderful for their post marathon recovery. After completing their run, these marathon runners look for a shower and then slip into their compression tights for recovery. They sleep for up to two nights in their compression tights after a marathon and are convinced that it helps them recover faster. Occasionally, when these marathon runners don't wear the compression tights for recovery, they can tell the difference and notice that their recovery is not as good or as quick compared to if they had worn their compression tights.

In addition to wearing compression tights to assist recovery after a marathon, runners, professional athletes and fitness experts recommend that you keep walking, drink plenty of water to stay well hydrated, eat carbohydrate and protein, and avoid alcohol consumption. While compression tights are an important component to enhancing your recovery, you should also follow the expert recommendation on drinking water, carbohydrate and protein intake, and the staying away from alcohol. By doing this, you will get the best post exercise, post run and post crossfit workout recovery.

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