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Running stairs to burn fat quickly and lose weight

Everyone knows that running stairs is hard work. It's tough and absolutely exhausting, which is why running stairs is one of the most effective way of burning fat and losing weight quickly. It helps if you have someone to do your running stairs workout with. You can provide encouragement and motivation to each other to keep running, pushing ahead and climbing those stairs even when you feel like giving up. Running stairs is not a form of exercise for the faint hearted, so you need to mentally prepare yourself and give it all you've got when you attack the flight of stairs. Running stairs can also be used as high intensity interval training. You can alternate between intense stairs running for 30-60 seconds followed by 30-60 seconds at a slower less intense pace. This is called interval training, and running stairs is one of the best forms of interval training.

How do you know that your running stairs cardio workout is working and you are burning fat?

1. your skin starts to feel hot

2. you get short of breath

3. you are sweating

4. your face is flushed

5. you heart is racing with a higher heart rate

Always make sure you have an empty stomach when you attempt running stairs. Don't ever try doing a running stairs workout right after you've eaten, otherwise you can end feeling pretty sick.

Simple 15 minute Running Stairs Cardio Exercise

Firstly, find a long flight of stairs. Ideally, the flight of stairs you choose for your running stairs workout should have 20-30 steps. Often public parks and gardens have stairs this long. You can also try a sports stadium seating at a high school or local college. Begin your running stairs workout by walking up the stairs to the top and then down the stairs to the bottom 3-5 times to warm-up. After you have completed your warm-up you exercise, you're ready to begin your running stairs exercise.

1. Start at the bottom of the stairs. Sprint from the bottom of the stairs to the top as fast as you can.

2. Then run down to the bottom of the stairs. You can run at slower pace or jog down.

3. Keep running up and down repeatedly, for a period of 15 minutes.

You might think looks pretty easy. I assure you that it is a challenging exercise that will increase your heart rate and let you burn fat and lose weight quickly. If you need more of a challenge, you can flight longer flights of stairs to do your running stairs workout. Alternatively, you can firstly start off with running 3 to 5 km and then followed by running stairs exercise. Do try this simple 15 minute running stairs cardio exercise and tell us what you think!

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