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Purple sweet potato is the new superfood

If you are wondering what healthy food you can incorporate into your diet to complement your CrossFit training, to boost your performance at the gym and improve your endurance while running, or to calm you down for yoga, we've got a mysterious food to tell you about: Purple Sweet Potato

The mysterious purple sweet potato has a lovely purple shade that is completely natural. The color comes from the same pigment that makes cherries and strawberries red.

High in cancer fighting antioxidants, it helps boost your immune system, helps with weight loss, and is a great source of vitamin A. The sweet potato is ranked highest in nutritional value with lots of complex carbohydrates, protein and vitamins A. It is a perfect addition to the diet of CrossFit athletes, for those who undertake strenuous exercises like long distance running and marathons. The purple sweet table is known to have a calming and cooling effect which is fantastic for yoga students to incorporate into their diet. It's the ultimate healthy food for your clean eating diet.

The purple sweet potato is a particularly versatile vegetable. It can be steams or baked and eaten simply on its own. It can also be used for desserts like ice-cream and donuts. Others have made purple potato crisps chips. Your imagination is the limit with the purple sweet potato!

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