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All you need to know about the CrossFit Games

The CrossFit Games is the world’s premier games for crossfit. The Crossfit Games is aimed at finding men and women who are the Fittest on Earth. Crossfit athletes are put through a grueling series of individual workout events to test their true physical fitness. CrossFit Games events tests a diverse range of functional movements including moving large loads, long distances, quickly. It’s aimed at rewarding athletes with the best overall fitness while punishing athletes who are just specialist in one area. So for you budding CrossFit athletes out there, if you want to participate in the CrossFit Games one day, we recommend that you take your WOD (Workout of the Day) training seriously. Do as much training with box jumps, burden run, burpees, deadlifts, running, and weights as much as possible because it's likely you'll be tested on all these at the CrossFit Games.

According to Forbes magazine, the Crossfit Games have become one of the fastest growing sports in America since the competition first started in 2007.

CrossFit Games history

The CrossFit Games was first held in 2007 and it has been held ever summer since. The Crossfit Games has grown to become a major sporting competition along with the dramatic rise in popularity of crossfit as a sport around the world.

The number of athletes competing in the CrossFit Games has increased rapidly. As such it’s become much tougher to qualify for the CrossFit Games due to the higher number of applicants who want to participate.

Seeing the increasing popularity of crossfit, major sporting brands have seized on the Crossfit Games as a big marketing opportunity to get their message across to crossfit fans and increase their brand awareness. More companies have come on board to sponsor the CrossFit Games resulting in a skyrocketing of the prize money. The prize money awarded to each first-place male and female jumped to $275,000 from just $500 at the first CrossFit Games in 2007. Reebook has bought the naming rights to the Games becoming the flagship sponsor. Now, the event officially known as the Reebok CrossFit Games. how the Crossfit Games works

The interesting thing about the CrossFit Games is the surprise element. This is done to ensure that competitors are ready for anything. Competing athletes only learn about the workouts they have to do at the CrossFit Games only hours beforehand. Sometimes they are required to undertake workouts that are not part of the typical crossfit regimen. Surprise events in previous CrossFit Games include dusty hill sprints, sandbag carries, ocean swim and even a softball throw. In order to increase participation and accessibility to the Crossfit Games, a section of the competition has been moved to an online format. This is known as the CrossFit Open where athletes have to complete specific workouts and submit their scores online. Their scores can be verified by submitting a video or having a Crossfit affiliate present do the verification. Athletes participating compete against competitor within their regions, and advance to regional events. The top 3 male athletes and top 3 female athletes in region qualify to compete in the CrossFit Games. Crossfit Games divisions

In addition to the main Male Champion and Female Champion divisions, CrossFit Games has a Masters category that is divided into male and female divisions for different age groups: 40-44 age group, 45-49 age group, 50-54 age group, 55-59 age group, and 60+ age group. the best Crossfit Games athletes

To date, the most successful male athlete in the CrossFit Games is Rich Froning Jr., who won the Male Champion title 3 times from 2011-2013. The most successful female athlete is Annie Thorisdottir who was crowned Female Champion two years in a row for 2011 and 2012.

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