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Butt naked yoga

In the last couple of months, nude yoga has been in the media a lot. There has been a lot of news coverage of yoga that is practice literally butt naked. That's right, not a single piece of clothing is allowed. The yoga teacher is not clothed, and in mixed classes both women and men have to remove all items of clothing. All items of clothing that you would expect to see in a yoga class are completely banished. That's right, you can kiss good by to your favorite yoga gear: no yoga pants, no yoga tights, no yoga shorts, and definitely no sports bra. All you have is a simple yoga mat to practice on.

I participated in a naked yoga class in New York City for the first time earlier this year, and it was nothing like I expected. It is the purest form of yoga. There's nothing voyeuristic about it at all. The yoga students and the instructor in my naked yoga class were totally open to new visitors. On the day of my visit, there was even a Reuters photographer was in the room who was here to take photographs for a news article Reuters was doing about naked yoga. All the students and the instructor were entirely comfortable in their own skin. They didn't have any inhibitions about being photographed while naked by the photographer. They were just focused their very strenuous yoga session.

I found the set up of the naked yoga studio to be like any other normal yoga I've been to. The studio was of a reasonable size and there was plenty of space all the students to move about freely. It was heated to a very high temperature so there was no need to wear any clothes! The room had a very good vibe and energy to it. I must admit, before booking into this naked yoga class, I had my doubts. But on second thought, I figured what the heck, life is about trying difference experiences so why not give it a go. The energy in the room was palpable. And I was excited to be trying the naked yoga class for the first time.

I found the naked yoga class to be truly a positive experience. There was a great spiritual energy that flowed through the yoga room. It was very clear that everyone in the room, the yoga instructor and the students, were comfortable with their nudity. This is despite the fact that there was a Reuters photographer in the room taking photos while we where practicing yoga literally butt naked. A member of our yoga class invited the photographer to get naked as well and join us in yoga practice but they politely declined. After the naked yoga session, the Reuters reporter asked us to sign a model release form. Everyone in the room signed without any hesitation.

When I read the articles a few days later on Reuters. I was surprised at how beautiful the photographs were. It was great to see the naked yoga class depicted in a tasteful and tactful manner. Luckily I was not in any of the photography. Thank God!