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Are you supposed to wear underwear under compression shorts?

Do you want to know how to wear compression shorts? Do you wear underwear with compression shorts? These are some the questions this article aims to answer.

Many people have asked us whether they are supposed to wear underwear under their compression shorts or wear underwear under their compression tights while they are doing their crossfit workouts, working out at the gym, running or other forms of exercise.

The answer is no. You are not suppose to wear any underwear (including boxers and briefs), under your compression shorts. This also means that you should not wear underwear under your compression tights.

Compression shorts and compression tights for men and women are made of stretch material (usually a combination of nylon and spandex), which are designed to make direct contact with your skin. The compression materials that are used to create your compression shorts and compression tights not only functions to compress your muscles by holding them in place with compression, it also serves to wick moisture and sweat away from your skin to keep you dry and light during exercise. In the moisture wicking process, the compression shorts also control your body temperature when you're running, doing your crossfit exercises or during intense yoga practice.

So what's wrong we wearing underwear under your compression shorts and wearing underwear under your compression tights?

Your underwear will absorb and hold moisture and sweat, which defeats the purpose of the compression material. Basically, your underwear will interfere with the full function of your compression shorts and compression tights, including its breathe-ability, moisture wicking and temperature control functions.

In addition, your underwear will add an extra layer of fabric which may bunch up under your compression shorts or compression tights which and can be rather uncomfortable. Apart from perhaps not being very comfortable, the sight of bunched up boxers under your compression may not be as visually pleasing to the eye.

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